What tips for maintaining your garden in autumn?

maintaining your garden

The last months of the year are not easy for gardeners. Harvesting and planting are usually scheduled in October, pruning in November and plant protection in December. Fall gardening therefore requires special attention. Discover the right gestures to make this task as simple as possible.

10 tips for maintaining your garden in autumn

Withering flowers, falling leaves and scorching trees… Nothing in the fall really makes you want to dedicate yourself to gardening. However, it is during this period that it is advisable to organize your green square so as not to be taken aback before spring. With a rake, you remove the dead leaves which lack aesthetics, but also for safety reasons in order to avoid domestic accidents. Here are our tips for not neglecting anything.

Do not delay in collecting dead leaves, because, in contact with ambient humidity, they quickly rot and create an environment conducive to disease. But instead of throwing them away, use them in your homemade compost or thick mulch to protect your plants from dropping temperatures.

hand pruner

Fall is a good time to prune and prune your shrubs. The yellowing leaves sound the starting signal to lighten them from the peripheral branches. Be careful not to cut systematically. Do this only to increase flowering potential or bulk up your plants, but also to prevent them from storing moisture and starting to rot.

Repotting is now

Whether they are plants that have become too large or plants that have grown spontaneously, move them, preferably with their root ball. Its volume should be half that of the branches.

Pamper your lawn

For it to be beautiful and withstand the winter season, the lawn requires some care. Start by ridding it of dead leaves that block the sun’s rays and give it a final mowing before All Saints’ Day. Do not prune less than 5 cm. This length promotes biodiversity while allowing slower regrowth, which will space out mowing during the summer months.

Anticipate the frost

Place potted plants near the south-facing facade to protect them from the cold and bring the most fragile ones into a veranda or a cool room for the same reasons. With regard to the fragile massifs, wrap them in a wintering veil and protect the ground which surrounds them with a mound of light earth or a mulch at least 10 cm thick. Don’t forget to dig up the flower bulbs to store them in a well-ventilated box in the garage or basement.

Welcome little visitors

These are useful animals and insects in the garden. Limiting the spraying of products against pests, they contribute to the eradication of aphids or slugs. So place feeders or nest boxes that you will fill with seeds or piles of wood for the hedgehogs.

Store the last harvests

Autumn remains a generous season. So, consider harvesting the last fruits and vegetables from the orchard and vegetable garden in a cool, dry place, preferably in ventilated boxes, to keep them longer.

Prepare the gourmands of your spring garden

To enjoy a colorful garden next spring, start planting your tulip, narcissus or hyacinth bulbs. In this vein, October is also a good time to sow spinach, peas or broad beans, when the ground is still warm. And as the saying goes, “at Sainte-Catherine, everything takes root”, don’t forget to plant your fruit trees in soil enriched with manure.

We have selected the Bosch ARM 32 lawnmowerwhich stands out as the ideal choice to mow your lawn quickly and efficiently in a neat way. Compact and light, since it weighs only 6.8 kg, it even allows you to mow close to edges, along paths and walls, without additional accessories thanks to its integrated grass guide. Handy, as it maneuvers easily around garden furniture and is effortlessly transported after use. Designed for small to medium sized lawns, this unit has a 1200W Powerdrive motor and a 31 liter collection bag. Its ErgoFlex handles promote good posture that reduces back and arm fatigue. Moreover, its various adjustment buttons offer you the possibility of adapting the position of the handles to your convenience.

The electric hedge trimmer from Einhell

The GC-EH 6055/1 electric hedge trimmersigned Einhell is a top-of-the-range portable electric device that allows you to overcome the most demanding maintenance work. We have chosen this essential to prune and give a beautiful shape to your bushes, shrubs and hedges, it stands out as an example of performance and durability. In addition to incorporating a laser-cut and diamond-sharpened double-action steel blade, it includes a metal gear that ensures optimal power transmission. For safe use, this tool has a non-slip Softgrip handle, a 2-handed safety switch or an anti-tearing system for the power cable. As for the blades, they are protected by an aluminum protection. Its waste collector is positioned on both sides for more ergonomics.

Naturen’s Organic Compost Activator

We have specially selected for organic crops this compost activator which is recommended for a healthy and reinforced organic activity. Available in a 1.5 kg box, its formula is enriched with nitrogen or branches rich in ligneous matter. These act as biodynamic ferments to promote the decomposition of waste and boost soil fertility. Balanced and respectful, this association makes it possible to produce quality organic compost in just a few months. In addition, this compost activator is particularly suitable for composting eggshells or vegetable peelings, but also crushed branches, dead leaves or manure.

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