The 10 steps to building a new home

building a new home

Finding the land, obtaining the building permit, validating the plans, verifying the guarantees, etc. discover the 10 stages of the construction of your house.

Choosing the right building plot

This is the most decisive and obviously essential step in any construction project. The characteristics of your plot will have consequences on the design and construction of your future home . Pay attention to its orientation (North-East, South-West, etc.), the landscape environment that surrounds it or the nature of the soil (some soils may require specific foundations).

Depending on the location of the land, the construction must comply with specific regulations, especially if the land is located on:

A perimeter for the protection of historical monuments (in this case the opinion of Architectes Bâtiments de France will be sought).

To confirm the constructability of the land in terms of town planning regulations, the seller must obtain the town planning certificate , a document issued by the town hall.

Land with magnificent view of the valley

Carried out by a technician from Maisons d’en France Poitou Limousin, a detailed technical visit to the land is essential to precisely determine the essential characteristics such as the dimensions of the land and its orientation, exposure to the sun, the environment, the nature of the ground, etc. This appointment allows you to check:

A control examination of a good adaptation of the future house to the ground (nature of the ground, bearing capacity, levels, etc.).

choose a house plan

You may also already have an idea of ​​the type of house you would like to live in or, on the contrary, you need inspiration to project yourself. Maisons d’en France Poitou Limousin invites you to discover its different house plans To carry out the plans for your future home , we will need to discuss with you, to know your habits, your lifestyles, your preferences and your budget.

Once all this data has been collected, our integrated design office, equipped with suitable graphic design tools, begins the study of the location of your future home according to the separating limits of the land, then it designs the plans . You will then have several documents to validate to continue the progress of the project:

The plans, sections and perspectives of your house.

The mandate signed by you, as project owner, to allow us to file and/or receive the building permit on your behalf.

When you have chosen the plan of your house and defined the interior fittings and desired materials, your builder gives you a descriptive estimate, also called descriptive notice. This document lists all the elements that make up the price of the work, determined according to the plans produced by our design office and the specifics of your land. Once signed, the descriptive estimate becomes the basis for drawin

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