How to choose an interior door?

interior door

With a solid or honeycomb core, post-formed or insulating, in oak or lacquered white… choosing an interior door involves defining its technical properties, but also measuring the opening where it is installed, whether in new or under renovation, and made-to-measure or in ready-to-install door units of

An interior door should conform to your wishes and the style of your home. But that’s not all, because it must correspond to other equally decisive criteria. These are to be considered upstream. In other words, select the type of door that technically corresponds to your project before considering its aesthetics.

A door is made up of several parts, here are the main ones:

Are you looking to optimize the space of a room? The pocket door is an excellent option! With the pocket system, the door slides discreetly inside the partition . Enough to gain space equivalent to 1 m² more space in the room concerned.

The pocket door is particularly suitable for small spaces . It makes it easy to install a piece of furniture where a conventional door prevents it. Unlike this one, the pocket door does not encroach on the space of the room when opening.

Like its pocket counterpart, the sliding door is fixed on a rail , with the difference that it is placed on the wall and not inside it. The space saving is less than with a pocket door, but is suitable for a small renovation.

Pivoting door: elegance and practicality

A pivot door surprises with its originality and practicality. Integrated into a contemporary style, it is a decorative element in its own right . Its particularity is to pivot on a central or eccentric axis, hence its name. This type of door is to be installed in a spacious place, given its clearance.

Accordion door: the space-saving solution at a low price

As its name suggests, this type of door is formed by one or two panels that fold and unfold like an accordion by sliding on a rail. When it has two panels, these close on the central axis of the frame.

Choose the door opening direction carefully

The direction of the opening is another important point that should not be overlooked. Indeed, the door must open in such a way as to optimize the space . For hinged doors, a small glossary is to know to properly designate the opening of your choice:

Right pushing : the door, facing you, opens onto the room towards the right side by pushing it (hinges on the left, handle on the right).

Left pushing : the door, facing you, opens onto the room towards the left side by pushing it (hinges on the right, handle on the left).

Interior door dimensions: how to measure an interior door

The circulation and the passage of the room concerned determine the width of the door . For a living room for example, the passage of furniture must be taken into account . In the case of a dressing room or a toilet, the door can be slightly narrower.

For a person with reduced mobility, all doors must be wide enough . The door widths available are:

In terms of height, the doors are generally 204 cm (standard height) . As for the thickness, it is between 30 and 50 mm . Of course, other measures exist and, when this is not the case, it is possible to ask to have doors made to measure.

Relationship to light: solid door or glass door

The solid door is the most used to equip the interior of a house. However, if the room needs light, opting for a glass door is a good step. Indeed, due to the presence of a transparent or translucent material (natural or synthetic glass) the light enters the room.

This surface is called the oculus. Glass doors are common to delimit closed kitchens from the living room. The shape of the oculus has changed a lot, from the famous rectangles in the center of the door of the 1970s to modern and designer shapes. This development echoes new trends in interior design and light management.

A door is essentially made up of a core and outer plates . The core is the central part of the door, the plates or panels are glued to it. These elements define the types of doors, their characteristics, uses and prices.

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