How to arrange a large living room?

large living room

Spacious for entertaining friends or chilling with family, the large living room is also a real charming asset to the house! To create a comfortable and hot space, however, it is good to know some tips: follow the guide!

Furnishing a large living room: what to think about?

Although there is no formal rule, we generally speak of a large living room from 20m². Faced with such a space, it is tempting to go head-on. However, this is precisely the first mistake to avoid! To arrange your large living room, it is wiser to go through the “paper & pencil” box.

Simple, but still effective, the square layout is an option to make sure you don’t miss out.

We bet on a large – or even a very large – sofa, which fits into a square that can also be materialized by a huge carpet. The coffee table is installed in the center, and all the furniture can be oriented towards the fireplace.

Two Large Sofas Face to Face

The two large sofas placed face to face are the other classic option for setting up a large, convivial living room.

Depending on the configuration and volumes of the room, it may be wise to arrange several distinct spaces in the living room.

Isolate An Intimate Corner In Front Of The Fireplace

Thus, in addition to the space dedicated to a large sofa, with or without armchairs, you can arrange a reading corner , or an intimate space where it is good to sit down to chat.

Creating different spaces is also an opportunity to vary the seats. In addition to the large sofa and the armchairs, we therefore think of pieces such as the meridian or the dormeuse.

7 tips for designing a living room

The advantages of the large living room are well established! It only suffers from one drawback: large volumes can sometimes create a cold and somewhat impersonal atmosphere. Fortunately, there are a few tips to create a large, very cocooning living room !

Typically, a large living room benefits from a generous amount of natural light. So we dare to color! And it’s now or never to dare character colors, such as duck blue or plum color . In total look, the room instantly becomes cozier.

If you are afraid of quickly getting tired of your large colorful living room, bet on a more sober coating, such as wood. Very warm, this material adapts to almost all types of decor.

XXL Wall Pattern

In a large living room, the XXL sofa is the most common choice. Despite beautiful volumes, it can quickly seem imposing. To remedy this, consider the wall covering: a very large pattern will visually rebalance the proportions.

Large Format Painting And Plant

To make the volumes seem less overwhelming, play with proportions with the decor. For example, fall for a large-format painting, ideal for introducing a discreet touch of color. A green plant such as an indoor palm, yucca or monstera can bring a natural and dynamic touch to the room.

Color To Make The Link Between The Elements

Colorful furniture is a smart alternative to add color to a large living room. For an irreproachable look, take inspiration from this very trendy warm-hued living room . The good idea to steal: the colors of the cushions, which allow you to combine the sofa and the armchair even more elegantly.

If the very wise decoration is definitely not your style, dare to mix and match assumed! In the sofa corner of this large chic country living room, we have combined a Scandinavian-inspired rocking chair, a very chic classic padded pouf and a modern sofa with a sleek design.

We can never say it enough: even in a room with poor light , there is no question of ignoring the curtains! This is all the more true in a large living room, especially when the openings are very large. In this modern living room available in a very contemporary charcoal gray , we even dared to use black curtains, and it’s hot!

A Custom Rug

The other essential for a large cozy living room is of course the carpet. Depending on your tastes, you can play the card of accumulation, or prefer a single large rug with generous proportions, even if it means opting for a made-to-measure model.

How to decorate a large living room wall?

When arranging your large living room, it is important to think carefully about the lighting. Because at nightfall, even the hottest living room can become sad, provided it is full of shadowy areas!

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